Nordic Consulting Team and Motus is announcing cooperation.

Nordic Consulting Team and Motus is announcing cooperation.

by Peter Bundgard

Hamburg, 7.7.17. Motus Weighing AB, a Swedish enterprise developing dynamic weighing technology for truck scales and Nordic Consulting Team, a consulting firm, who helps foreign companies establishing and expanding their business in Germany, have announced a cooperation.

Motus is owning the pioneering product MOTUS High Speed (MHS) – a technology to convert any truck scale to dynamic weighing where the truck can drive over the weigh bridge. Almost all static weigh bridges can be converted - in some cases after minor adaptions. The installation is rather simple and takes a few hours. The truck in the film drives in 15 km/h over a weigh bridge at the same time as the truck and hanger are weighed with high accuracy. 
Nordic Consulting Team will be responsible for localizing the product for Germany and finding suitable distribution partners.

For further information please contact:

Nordic Consulting Team
Bundgard GmbH


Motus Weighing AB

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